How stable is your script and what about account bans?

We have been working since 2015 and all this time we have prioritised stability and safety. On our part, we guarantee: – a unique batch of IPs for each set of WhatsApp Channels provided with your purchase (We may need to add extra proxy IPs incase you increase the channels in the system);– a safe […]

How Does WhatsApp Business API Works?

Thanks for reaching out to us to try the demo for WhatsApp Business API I wanted to let you know. That our tool is only available as an end to end solution with script + channels installed on your own server. We don’t provide WhatsApp marketing as a service. First of all before the start […]

Can I re-brand the script with my own name, logo & on my own domain?

By default, every version of WhatsApp Business API comes with 100{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} white label features. You can customize the script’s logo, name, login screen, and also host the script on your own domain or sub domain. Once, you confirm your payment. Your order number is marked as paid. And you are required to provide us with […]

What all message formats are supported?

WhatsApp Business API allows you to operate different WhatsApp marketing Campaigns, Group Sender Campaigns, and Keywords Campaigns using all messaging format available & permitted by WhatsApp. Our tool supports all kinds of message types officially allowed by WhatsApp. Including but not limited to: Text Images Audios Videos PDF Files GPS Locations APK Files (Android Installation […]

How do I setup Keywords Based Triggered Sequences?

A lot of our clients utilize Keywords section of our tool to setup an audience which then can be automatically targeted with a sequence of messages using Keywords based campaigns. In order to setup Keywords Based Triggered Sequence. You need to first setup Keywords which you want the users to reply back with to trigger […]

How do I segment my WhatsApp contacts?

You can use Keywords section in order to setup autoresponders & build an audience of WhatsApp contacts based on their response over your marketing campaigns. Every time someone replies back with the set of Call To Action Keywords in their messages. They are automatically added into Keywords Segments. Now, using these segments of contacts. You […]

How many types of Group Sender Campaigns can I operate?

You can operate different types of Group Sender Campaigns using WhatsApp Business API. Namely, — Broadcast Group Sender CampaignYou can run these campaign for a one time Group Sender campaign. — Personalised Group Sender CampaignYou can use custom variables by uploading a CSV file with different fields and using these column fields to personalize the […]

How many types of WhatsApp Campaigns can I operate?

There are different types of WhatsApp Campaigns that can be operated using WhatsApp Business API: Namely, — Broadcast WhatsApp CampaignYou can run these campaign for a one time campaign. — PersonalizedYou can use custom variables by uploading a CSV file with different fields and using these column fields to personalize the messaging for each campaign. […]

How do I get the WhatsApp mobile data for my country?

If you have a list of mobile numbers to run your campaigns. You can directly import this list and run the campaigns. Our system automatically filters & identifies active & non active WhatsApp numbers. And only run campaigns on active WhatsApp numbers. After the end of each campaign system automatically generates a report which includes […]

How do I get the database to market using WhatsApp?

Not necessarily. In 90{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} of the case clients either use our Number Generator Tool, or curate database using several Lead generation tools, or have their database of their own numbers. Which then can be further filtered out easily using our WhatsApp Filter Tool.

Can I segment database of all incoming replies based on keyword response?

Yes, you can segment all the incoming replies using our WhatsApp Business API Integration feature. Once, you purchase the license. You will receive complete PDF Guide & Tutorial Videos explaining how to segment, and operate auto response features and many more other additional functionality.

Can I setup WhatsApp Funnels sequence using Keywords?

Yes, its best to send a sequence of pre-defined messages that are setup in WhatsApp funnels to run a new campaign on your segmented database. Using Keywords + WhatsApp Funnels, you can run particular campaign sequence only to clients who engage with your one time campaigns. This allows you to interact with your list in […]

Can I setup keywords for individual channels, seperately?

No, you can only setup keywords for a group of channels in one go by selecting WhatsApp Channels group name using the API. By default, keywords set by any user is reserved on first come first serve basis by the system. If any keyword is already used by another user. Then, the system automatically identifies […]

How many keywords can I setup in WhatsApp Business API?

There is no limitation in terms of how many keywords you can setup for auto reply for all your channels. Once, you setup a keyword in an autoresponder by either using an individual message or personalized message or WhatsApp Funnels response. The system will auto reply with the intended response based on the incoming messages […]

How to get more people to respond?

Add a question at the end of a message, which will increase the chances of getting a reply. For instance, you can write, “Do you want a demo?”, “Do you have any questions?”, “Do you want to join right away?” and more like this. Create a sense of urgency with phrases like, “Limited seats available”, […]

What should I add as my CTA?

Put only one WhatsApp number/Click To Chat Link or CTA link to avoid any sort of confusion among your customers.

How Do I setup my WhatsApp Chatbots?

In order to setup autoresponse messages for all your WhatsApp Channels. You can setup Keywords. By setting up Keywords, you are able to setup automatic response for all your WhatsApp channels in one go. All your WhatsApp Channels operate like a normal Chatbot in WhatsApp Business API. Using this feature you can have a two-way […]

Can I get a free demo from WhatsApp Business API for WhatsApp chatbot?

Absolutely! We can give you a DEMO FOR FREE. Signup here: Our WhatsApp chatbot experts will show you the features and explain multiple use cases specific to your business model. Reach us on Telegram for a quick 1-to-1 chat:

How can WhatsApp Chatbot get me more information on the request?

A user can ask any query to our virtual assistant integrated on your WhatsApp Business API to receive a quick and useful answer. Our conversational AI will save you and your customers from any hassle regarding the exchange of information for all WhatsApp Channels stored in the system.

Who will build the Chatbots for me?

We have a team of WhatsApp AI-powered chatbot experts, who will manage everything from building to deploying and maintaining a bot for you on WhatsApp when you purchase our Enterprise version.

What are the major features of WhatsApp Business API’s WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp Business API’s WhatsApp AI chatbot will let you answer customer queries with automated conversations. It will collect, qualify, and segment leads to help you prioritize all hot leads. Your human agents can take over a conversation instantaneously on the messaging platform to convert leads faster using our WhatsApp API. Other features include – Personalized […]

What is WhatsApp Chatbots?

A WhatsApp chatbot is a full-fledged automated virtual customer assistant that can answer customer queries and inform them about your product, services, procedures, and any other information. Hence, you can manage a large scale of customer queries simultaneously, 247365.

Can I resell your script to other clients?

All our solutions are by default 100{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} white labeled, and come with branding customization with your own company name, logo, sub-domain/domain, and no trace of whose using our script including Marketer, Reseller, Developer & Enterprise edition. If you want to resell the entire script + channels setup as an end-to-end solution. You are required to […]

Can I move channels from one server to another server?

Yes, you can move channels from one server to another server. But, you can’t do it yourself since there are couple of things to make sure before migration. Our team will support you with no extra charge twice in a year. You can reach our support team for free migration of server.

What happens when I want to shift the server to a new one?

You can shift your server to a higher configuration anytime and your migration to a new server is free of cost handled by our team twice a year. Our team supports you with migration end to end. You simply need to provide us with root access for your former & new server by reaching our […]

Can I install WhatsApp Business API on a Windows Based Server?

Sorry, but our application is written for Linux environment only. So, you will need a Linux VPS or shared hosting environment to run WhatsApp Business API. We do not support Windows yet. And nor do we think its best to think about the possibility of that in the near future.

I am not a technical person. I don’t know how to setup server. Can you help?

You don’t need to know any programming language in order to use our script. By default, installation is completely free with every license that you purchase from us. And we even provide free migration to another server 3 times in a year for all our clients. Our team provides excellent support in terms of installation, […]

Can I integrate this script with my own CRM/SaaS tools/ERP Solutions?

Yes, our tool can be integrated with any other tool which uses and supports API. We have an extensive list of admin & user control which can be managed using Webhook URLs to send PUSH & PULL Request supported with multiple programming language. In order to get WhatsApp Business API integration feature you need to […]

Do you get access to the source code?

Yes, we do provide open source code. Source code for customisation is available with Developer & Enterprise edition ONLY. Once purchased, you have access to the product full source code written in PHP and other pre-requisite languages with proper documentation and comments in code provided for other developer to fully customize & modify the script […]

Do you provide customization service?

Custom developement & integration is supported in Developer & Enterprise edition only.But, by default all our version are 100{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} white label solution & you can customise the branding & logo with minimal changes in the script by default. Hence, it’s a very easy & intuitive tool with major admin feature already included with all our […]

Do you provide the setup & installation service?

Yes, of course. You don’t need to worry about any technical details to install the system on your server. Every license comes with free installation the first time, and in case of server migration. We provide support up to two times with free server migration in a year. Our team will install the setup, configure […]

How much time does it take for the installation & delivery of channels?

OUR PANEL & CHANNELS DELIVERY PROCESS IS AS FOLLOWS: STEP 1.REACH US FOR PAYMENT INFORMATIONYou can pay us via Bitcoin/USDT/USDC/ETH by using your Credit Card, Debit Card (Domestic Clients only)/Online Banking to purchase any of the cryptocurrency exchange available in your country. STEP 2.PAYMENT CONFIRMATIONSend us with your payment receipt for payment confirmation on either […]