Can I pay via PayPal?

No, we don’t accept PayPal. If you want to use debit/credit card, or online banking to transfer funds. You can use several exchanges for cryptocurrency in order to purchase.

PayPal has a very easy refund policy and buyer protection any client can abuse it. It provides upto 180 days charge back in some countries. And our nature of product doesn’t works well with PayPal since we have to pay upfront cost to our channels vendor which is a cost which goes out of each license purchased as part of the package.

We had several clients who purchased from us, got script installed, and we delivered the channels, after using the script and doing everything and getting all kinds of support put a charge back to get the script for free. Hence, we had issues with our PayPal account and we blocked PayPal as a payment option. We strictly don’t accept PayPal.

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