Can I purchase test credits to run WhatsApp Campaigns?

Firstly, we only provide end to end solution with script & channels installed on your own server.

Secondly, we don’t ever provide WhatsApp Marketing service to our clients since it brings direct competitors to all our clients who previously purchased our system.

Thirdly, with minimum 300+ free demo requests and very lean team to manage communication with all previous and new queries we don’t see our product business model as something we want to shift to being a service provider.

Fourthly, our demo account provides all functionality and message format test which allows you to judge whether our product is best suited for your requirement or not. If it’s not we recommend you use other desktop tools which allows you to send couple 100 messages and then getting your number blocked on WhatsApp and may be our product is not a right fit.

We understand not every client will have the budget or the intention to run massive campaigns. We only deal with clients who understand our tool and how they can really benefit by scaling and optimising their campaigns on large number on a daily basis with a one time cost. We don’t deal with everyone and specifically with clients who have one time campaign requirements.

We are an end to end technology provider and work as a back end technology partner for your company. Supporting and guiding you with best technology available to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns without obstruction on an ongoing basis.

Minimum require is for you to purchase our starting edition to get complete functionality of WhatsApp Business API. And you can decide later to upgrade to higher version anytime to add more advanced features of our product.

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