Do you have WhatsApp Group Finder feature? Can’t I find active WhatsApp Groups and then make my WhatsApp channels join these open groups and then send messages in these groups?

No, we don’t have the WhatsApp Group Finder feature. And rest assured, want to clear that we won’t be adding this feature anytime in the future as per our research, testing, and experiments done so far.

It’s not that we can’t add this feature. But, we intentionally didn’t release this feature for the following reasons:

  1. Channels used for these kinds of Group Search, Group Joining & Group Posting activities usually got blocked/banned very easily while in our testing.
  2. People block & report these kinds of activities when an unknown contact joins a group and sends unrelated messages in the group. Other group members are annoyed and end up blocking the group member or removing group members mostly immediately or within 24 hours.
  3. Most of these WhatsApp Groups are searchable in Google Index by finding URL + mixed with your target niche keywords. The problem is, half of these groups are non-related, and secondly, you can’t search for specific demography or interest-related groups to the particular. Hence, for 80{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} of the use case, this list is very non-targeted and gets no result for our clients.
  4. Our tool has far better ways to interact and run marketing campaigns using WhatsApp Campaigns, WhatsApp Funnels, Group Sender Campaigns, Personalised Campaigns, and Three-Way Communication Campaigns feature. Why stay limited with Group Finder Tool when you have a much better tool and much better scalability and speed to market your campaigns?

If you still are looking for WhatsApp Group Finder & WhatsApp Group Joiner tool. You can find them online, but rest assured, it’s not the most fantastic thing invented in the WhatsApp marketing industry so far. Our tool is way better, and we bet you double the money! 🙂

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