Do you provide WhatsApp marketing services also?

No, we do not provide any kind of WhatsApp Marketing services officially since we are technology focused company who are targeting it’s client base who are looking for an end to end solution provider. Our key focus always stays around technology & development.

It’s more scalable for us as a company since we are able to focus on what we do best i.e. working in the development and bringing new innovative products into the market place.

With a small and lean team of developers we can only focus on few key clients rather then 100s of clients who will need one to one servicing for each individual campaigns which is not feasible and requires a lot of sales force & marketing guys in the backend to support such offering.

We are an end to end solutions & technology provider which act as a 3rd party vendor for your brand or your company to give you the backend support to create a robust & highly scalable WhatsApp marketing infrastructure.

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