How do I pay? Why can’t I see option to pay via my credit/debit card, online banking or PayPal? Why you only take BTC / USDT / USDC or ETH?

We believe in keeping our clients privacy, our channels vendor privacy and our privacy, complete intact at the same time. That’s why we take payments in a complete private ways i.e. cryptocurrency.

And as it’s the nature of our product that its a blackhat tool. We don’t have any other option but to maintain the privacy to safeguard safe operation of our tool without any issues with the lawyers.

Our channels vendor register local SIM card channels under a completely different identities and had no connection with your company name or brand or your local identity and even any connection with their individual company.

We pay our vendors via USDT/USDC/BTC/ETH. Maintaining complete privacy about our transaction history.

Also, since we accept payments via cryptocurrency like USDT/USDC/BTC/ETH & any kind of crypto currency and since the number used for sending WhatsApp messages is not under your name or your company name. It’s completely anonymous and private with no liability from your end. Or chance of getting into lawsuit.

If we or you or our vendor is found out. Then every one is scrutinized. And we don’t have any privacy. Since they will send us lawsuit and since you are our client. We secure by processing payments via BTC or other crypto currencies. Which are completely autonomous.

So be secure even if number is marked as spam. The number keep the privacy.

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