How do I setup Keywords Based Triggered Sequences?

A lot of our clients utilize Keywords section of our tool to setup an audience which then can be automatically targeted with a sequence of messages using Keywords based campaigns.

In order to setup Keywords Based Triggered Sequence. You need to first setup Keywords which you want the users to reply back with to trigger automated WhatsApp Funnels.

Once, you have setup the Keywords & its relevant auto-response.

You can go to Keywords Campaign section to setup automatic WhatsApp Funnels.

While creating a new Keywords Campaign, select WhatsApp Funnels in Template Type.

Once, you select WhatsApp Funnels. You are given the option to integrate any of your pre-made WhatsApp Funnels.

Since, WhatsApp Funnels functionality allows you to setup a sequence of messages in the system. You can integrate WhatsApp Funnels with Keywords to trigger automated message sequence to your target WhatsApp audience.

Now, whenever a user reverts back with a particular Keyword for which you have setup Keywords Campaign. An automated sequence of messages will go out to the same user as defined by your WhatsApp Funnel.

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