How Does WhatsApp Business API Works?

Thanks for reaching out to us to try the demo for WhatsApp Business API

I wanted to let you know.

That our tool is only available as an end to end solution with script + channels installed on your own server.

We don’t provide WhatsApp marketing as a service.

First of all before the start of this conversation I want to tell you that I am a very honest person. And I don’t generally do sweet talks or try to persuade anyone when not required.

And I feel that its my obligation to help you take the right decision.

And before we start talking further I want to ask you to please talk honestly with me, tell me your concerns and the questions you have, share exactly what you are thinking when you are thinking of running WhatsApp marketing campaign.

Thats because its been more then 7 years that I have been into WhatsApp marketing and I have clients coming from more then 38+ countries from across the world who just like you talk to me and I get to see a different outlook into what all can be done and how you can design a strategic whatsapp marketing campaigns.

Also, please understand that its OK if we don’t do business together.

But, during this course of conversation.

If not anything else, I will gain some new insights and understanding about your business.

And I can guide you through the best ways to go about doing WhatsApp marketing.

Is that something we can commonly agree with?

If I don’t think that my product and services are best suited for you. I will tell you honestly.

But, I want you to know that its very important for me to advise you honestly and show you the right path from the very start.

I don’t want to business with any of my clients just one time.

Because I know that once you start using our products and services.

You will come back to us. And become a long term partner who is looking to buy more licenses from us. Looking to buy more long term ongoing whatsapp channels from us.

And also refer us to so many other clients in your country.

That’s frankly, one of things that I am looking to achieve. If we do decide to business together.

See, I would suggest. Not to waste not just your money. Buying the wrong solution and then not only been able to lose all your money into it. But, you also have to understand the time, energy and efforts that you put into WhatsApp marketing is also very important. If you don’t understand how everything works, and if you keep making mistakes, then you will lose a lot more then just money.

I value my time. And I value your time.

Hence, once, you are on board as a client with us.

Its really important for me to understand what you understand about WhatsApp marketing and then I will be able to guide you better with the best optimal strategies that we have for WhatsApp marketing and I will be happy to give you a guided tour on how to go about doing that.

Not many people realize that whenever they buy a cracked software. Firstly, these software will work temporarily. And then once, you get any new update on WhatsApp. The old version will stop working. And then, the person who sold you the software won’t give you a prompt update and you will end up losing your money invested in buying the cracked version. And also you will end up losing your channels. Leaving you at the same place where you started. Do you think, that’s the best strategy to go about taking that kind of decision?

I have clients who are with me since the starting when we first started selling our products and services. And they have tested us with time. And they know that whenever their is going to be a new update in the software. We will keep them informed. And we will take the next steps to go through the changes. Bring them the new update on time. And help them restart the campaigns again in the shortest amount of time.

As soon as we get any new update from WhatsApp. All our clients are very quick to let us know. Plus our team is always working on checking all the recent updates that WhatsApp releases in their BETA version of both WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp Business App. We have an automatic STOP feature in our software & products. That stops running any future campaigns further till the time we provide you any update. This is done to safe guard that all the channels that you have added into our software are kept secure, without being compromised, blocked, banned from WhatsApp because WhatsApp may recognize that you are using a WhatsApp marketing software to run all your campaigns.

Not only that. But, we also have other security feature built into the software. That automatically keeps the channels life extended for more period of time. How we do that is by making sure that all the channels that you have added into the system. Automatically, keeps exchanging conversations between each other. So, as to showcase a normal WhatsApp behavior on WhatsApp that allows us to go undetected inside WhatsApp eye’s and they treat your channels just like a normal WhatsApp users having conversations with the people in their contact list on a regular basis.

We don’t think any of this features are either thought about by our competitors. Nor do they care to go such an extent to provide a quality service to our clients. Like we do. And that’s one of the reason why our software is priced at a premium price and all our competitors charge low and compromise on the quality of support and updates that we can afford to give over a long term period.

Now, if you come to think about the cost of getting similar software made yourself. And then looking for a company to completely code it like the way we do. And then also making sure that they have the competency to update the software on time. You will have to go through a lot of time, energy, efforts & hassle. Along with that a lot more money over the long run then what we charge you for our software. That too. One time.

Every license you buy from us comes with a lifetime validity of free updates from us. That means, I will not charge you a single penny extra and provide you with unlimited future updates along with 3 months support for you to be able to understand the software, operate the software in the best possible way, and advice you on how to best utilize our software so that you can scale your campaigns to the numbers you want to target on WhatsApp.

What about any guarantee?

Each license that you buy from us comes with a 60 days channels replacement guarantee. What it means is that within the next 60 days if any of the feature of our software stops working and we are not able to provide you with a working update. Or if any of the channels that you upload and use with the settings provided by us fail to work. We will replace each and every single channel thats included with your license.

But, understand that the money that we charge to provide you with WhatsApp channels. Goes directly into paying our channel production partners who provide us with channels on regular basis. Channels production takes a lot of time, energy and efforts. Along with that we also have to pay for each set of channels further to our partners who create the channels for us on a regular basis. Each set of channels that we provide you are kept secret and only given to a single client who buys the channels from us. And we make sure that the channels are not shared by our staff. And kept exclusive to you only.

Even though, once we deliver the channels to you. You have 48 hours time to check all the channels and confirm if all the channels are logging into the software perfectly. Incase, any of the channels in your batch are not working. Then, we will instantly replace them with new ones in exchange for any channels which fails to login.

Also, once you get the channels delivered. And if they login successfully. We don’t take responsibility of how you might be using the channels within the software. But, we do have the best optimal settings that we provide you with the setup at the time of installation. And we recommend that you ONLY use the settings that we provide during the setup and don’t try manipulating the software to run more campaigns per channel then provided. We also take extra major to provide you with 20-30 channels extra with each batch of 1000 channels so incase of any small number of channels which are not working for you. You and us, both don’t waste time in going through the replacement process. Mostly, all these channels are working and you get more then 1000 channels in exchange for what you pay for the channels or more then 1000.

In order to operate WhatsApp marketing campaigns. You need two things:

  1. WhatsApp Marketing Software
  2. WhatsApp Channels

Ok, so let me explain how that works. Let’s say you have one WhatsApp number registered on your mobile phone, right?

Using our software you can basically upload 1000s of such numbers into our software. And start sending messages automatically from an army of 1000s of WhatsApp activated numbers. These WhatsApp Numbers are added into the software which allows you to send 1000s upon 1000s of messages at the same time.

Now, the numbers that are used by our software to send messages is known as WhatsApp channels. These are basically pre-activated WhatsApp numbers, that is registered using our WhatsApp registration tool. That provides a WhatsApp number & its secret password generated by WhatsApp to login each of these numbers in our software.

Our software automatically changes the sending numbers each time a certain number of messages are sent using each of these WhatsApp channels. And it automatically rotates the channels through which we can continue sending messages on the next batch of numbers still left in the campaign queue within the software.

If anyone says to you that the numbers won’t get blocked anytime in future. Then, they are lying. That’s because every-time you send a WhatsApp marketing message using any of the available whatsapp marketing solutions. You have to showcase a normal user behavior like how you normally use your whatsapp number on your mobile phone. And whatsapp with time. Is now able to better understand how people abuse whatsapp marketing software and then run any sort of whatsapp marketing campaigns.

That’s why whenever you buy any of our products or services. We send out a completely free, highly valuable guide on not only what to do before running any of your whatsapp campaigns. But, we also tell you the right settings, what are the things that you need to watch for before starting any campaign and also what are the things that you need to do once the campaign is finished from the software. That ways not only are you able to keep the channels life over a long period of time. But, also you manage to get your messages sent to more numbers then what you could have possibly get from any other desktop based software which are dime a dozen available through out the web for a meagre 10-50$ per license. Our system also has anti-blocking feature which automatically detects if there are new changes by WhatsApp so the software stops automatically so that you don’t damage all the channels into the system.

A lot of people who talk to me. I understand not everyone can afford to buy our solution. But then they go out and then buy some other solution and even after I warn them about what to look out for before buying any whatsapp solution. They still make mistake, they still lose a lot of money and come back to me. Saying that the solution they tried didn’t work. And what should they do now.

I feel really sorry for them. Not, only because they lost a lot of money into buying all these solutions. But, because they wasted so much of their valuable time, energy, efforts into trying different solution. And then also going through the frustration of not being able to get a working solution that ACTUALLY delivers.

There are two ways to use our software:


Now, let’s say you have 1000 channels with you to operate into the software. And you want to keep using the same channels again and again over a long period of time. Then, you have to follow a different settings in our software that we tell you once you purchase the software and give you a video which explains how to configure the software, how to setup your channels settings, and how to operate your whatsapp campaigns in order to do the same.

Using our SAFE METHOD, you can send anywhere from 20-25 messages per day using each channels. So, if you have 1000 channels added into the software. Then, you will be able to send anywhere from 20,000 to 25,000 messages on a daily basis using these 1000 channels.

By default from day 1, once the channels are activated in the system and go through P2P activation process (which takes approx. 4 hours). You can start sending upto 20 messages per day per channel. And these channels usually last upto 7-9 months without any blocking issue.

And yes, if you follow the settings that we provide you with the setup. Then, if any of the channels do get blocked. You can get free replacement upto 60 days from your date of purchase.


This method is used by people who don’t really care if the channels are able to stay active after the run the campaign. And they simply, want to get the maximum amount of messaging in the shortest period of time. We provide you with those settings too to configure the software. So, that you are able to send anywhere from 300 to 450 messages per day using each channel.

We don’t recommend this method of operating WhatsApp campaigns. Because let’s say if you keep sending campaigns using single channel using Safe Method for 60 days continuously. Then, you can send 1200 messages per channel within 60 days timeline. Instead of instantly looking for results and getting your number blocked. And you keep purchasing new batch of channels each time. Its best that you use our safe method.

That’s why if you use BURN METHOD using our software. We don’t replace these channels at any cost. You void your replacement guarantee the moment you change the settings that we have provided. And if you send more messages per channel then specified by us. Your channels won’t be replaced by our team. (Our software creates a log file in the system whenever any settings are changed by the super admin or admin account. This helps us see if you messed up with the provided settings or not.)

But, still many clients do want to use the burn method. In order to run a campaign like this. You need to keep the channels activated in the system for 3 days minimum. And let the channels warm up before you can run a high volume campaign using BURN METHOD.

Using this method, anytime you run the campaigns. The channels automatically send out the maximum amount of messages that it can send in one go. And then, whatsapp blocks that number. Even though, once the messages are sent using our system. The channels instantly, send the messages to whatsapp server and then it’s 100{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} delivered once the user gets online on whatsapp.

Now, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to each of these methods.

First, let’s talk about the safe method.

Safe Mode Campaigns are limited to a particular number of messaging you can do from each channel. Hence, you are limited to buying more channels if you want to run campaigns on a daily basis to even more larger database. The price of channels are one thing that you need to pay attention to.

But, that’s a secondary thing.

What you need to make sure when using the Safe Method is that you buy ONLY quality WhatsApp channels that are registered using a secure method, and also are made using real SIM Cards.

That’s because if let’s say you have a channel that is registered using a regular VoIP phone number also known as virtual number. Once, the channel is registered. These channels are registered using free VoIP numbers such as Google Voice numbers, are several mobile apps which provides virtual numbers like Text+, TextNow, etc.

The moment the channel is registered. Your vendor doesn’t care about keeping that number secure. And not be used by someone else to register this number for WhatsApp.

But, when you have a bunch of quality WhatsApp channels made using a Local actual SIM card. The vendor will keep the SIM cards with them. And they make sure that its not being used for at least couple of months before you are able to fully utilize your whatsapp channels for running your campaigns.

That’s why. We always recommend all our clients. To only buy real SIM generated whatsapp channels if they want to keep using the same channels for a longer period of time.

So, please take your own decision when choosing what kind of campaigns do you want to run. Do you want the ability to receive incoming messages in your whatsapp campaigns? Do you want to keep on having one on one conversations with all your whatsapp contacts in your marketing list. Do you want to auto reply them with a particular reply. Set for that particular keywords that you get as a reply?

Now, let’s talk about the alternate method in even more detail.

Burn Mode Campaigns – When using burn mode campaigns you get a lot of advantage. But, at the same time you lose out on some of the features that can be utilized using our software. Like receiving incoming messages whenever there is a response from any of your whatsapp campaigns, ability to reply back to your responses that you receive in your whatsapp channels inbox, etc. You can’t setup autoresponders & keywords, you can’t run WhatsApp funnels, and basically a lot of features of our software, can’t be utilized with its full functionalities.

Using the Burn Method, you get the ability to send approx. 300-450 messages per channel using our software. This not only allows you to buy cheap whatsapp channels and then best utilize them by running the campaigns one time and getting the highest return on your investment. But, gives you the ability to scale your campaigns to even larger numbers.

So, let’s say using the Burn Method you upload 1000 channels into the software.

In short, you are able to send 300,000 to upto 4,50,000 messages in one campaign vs 20,000-25,000 messages per day limit that you get using the safe method per 1000 channels.

Mainly, Burn Method is best utilized by people who want to run campaigns on larger audience. For example, people who want to run political campaigns, or people who want to run real estate campaigns, people who want to run purely marketing campaigns. And people who in general already know that the channels will eventually be reported as SPAM once anyone receives their message.

But, as from a marketers stand point. What are you aiming at? Are you looking to send campaigns so that you can reach as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time? Or are you more interested in keeping your customers and clients informed. And engaging with them by running creative, engaging campaigns that allows you to build relationship with your audience over a long haul? And especially, with our Autoresponders, Funnels & Keywords feature. You can build segmented list of interested & engaged users whom you can target in your next campaigns as well. So, why do it one time when you can run campaigns multiple times, and build a long term & sustainable WhatsApp marketing system?

WhatsApp marketing in today’s time is one of the highest leveraging marketing activity that you can implement in your business, right now!

And it’s one of the most effective ways of marketing which gets the highest open rates for every single message that you send using WhatsApp. Virtually most of our clients are able to get over 90{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} open rates using the methods that we teach them about in our ongoing training & tutorials that comes as part of your purchase.

Why is it that so many people struggle with WhatsApp marketing and some make easy money by applying simple, easy to understand, right way of marketing on WhatsApp?

Once, you are onboarded as a client we provide you with a lot of training material, and give you access to our WhatsApp Marketing Insiders community on Telegram as well. Here we discuss all the latest strategies, tips & tricks with all our paid clients. And we also provide you proven case studies and WhatsApp funnels which have been profitable for us as well as our clients.

See you on the other side. Decide which license you want to purchase and register today!

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