How much time do you take to provide me with the setup? How much time does your installation take? When can I get started?

We create a new server setup on AWS account which is preloaded with 5000$ credits which will be managing the server cost. These accounts are made with educational email id so we have 5000$ free credit given on these developer account from Amazon Web Services.

This is included in Enterprise purchase.

For the rest of the version – Marketer, Reseller & Developer. Client need to provide with their server’s root access details.

Once the server setup is finished. We give you root access, account access, admin access a long with rest of the deliverables. Our team will install, config, and upload the script and channels and will make it ready to go solution for you

The server setup can be initiated immediately after your payment is confirmed.

Server setup once started takes 2-3 hours once started.

Channels delivery will take 6-12 hours depending on the time zone you place an order.

Once channels are delivered through our vendor. We upload and activate them into the script.

Channels order can only be proceeded when full payment is received. Since, the payment for channels go in advance and till the time we dont have payment confirmation from your end. We can’t proceed further with the order for the channels

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