How stable is your script and what about account bans?

We have been working since 2015 and all this time we have prioritised stability and safety. On our part, we guarantee:

– a unique batch of IPs for each set of WhatsApp Channels provided with your purchase (We may need to add extra proxy IPs incase you increase the channels in the system);
– a safe authorization process via the settings in your account;
– a proxy server (you can either use our proxy or set up your own proxy server well);
– good server uptime (We setup AWS Accounts with pre-loaded 5000$ credits which gives you approximately 2-4 years credits for free usage);
– 24/7 customer support via Telegram & other chat support.

Besides, in the six years that we have worked with WhatsApp, we have learned to urgently update our service following the messenger’s updates. Thanks to that, you will hardly notice any background technical work.

Our team also works with WhatsApp BETA & WhatsApp Business BETA App from time to time to monitor any new changes before they go live for public. Hence, we keep ourselves updated on time.

That said, we should note that in the case of bulk messaging, even these effective safety measures may not be enough to protect your phone number from being banned. Hence, if you exceed the limits that we recommend for daily usage. You void the channels replacement guarantee that we provide.

The most reliable way to protect your account is to follow our recommendations of working with the service. And hence, take advantage of our 60 days free channel replacement guarantee. Conditionally, you use the same settings provided by our team at the time of setup, installation & configuration of your script.

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