I use other WhatsApp Marketing Services. Whats the difference between those services & yours?

Most WhatsApp Marketing service providers, vendors, agencies, and WhatsApp promotion companies don’t provide you with transparent and controlled delivery.

For example, some providers will have restricted timing for running campaigns, some will charge you credits based on list of mobile numbers you upload instead of how many messages delivered, and then, you will also have repeated cost each time you purchase these credits from any other vendor.

Research done with our customers show that only between 45-60{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} of these messages are delivered, so the cost per message is high.

Where as with WhatsApp Business API, you have a ONE TIME cost of purchasing the script + channels. And you can run unlimited WhatsApp campaigns on your target list without any restrictions.

This not only helps you reduce the cost of running campaigns and be able to scale your campaigns on large volume in one go.

But, it can help reduce your cost from 10x to 20x time vs any other alternative service providers that will charge you bomb, without having any control on your delivery, timing, and even your database privacy.

Plus our tool provides far more functionalities such as Group Sender Campaigns, Last Seen Tool, WhatsApp Funnels, WhatsApp Chatbots and Autoresponder based on Keywords, which other service provider can never provide you with. 🙂

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