Is it a one time cost? Are there any hidden charges?

Each license you purchase from us comes with free lifetime updates and free future upgrades and any additional functionality added into the system. Channels are included within the same package and comes with 60 days free replacement in case any channels get blocked.

With Enterprise version dedicated server setup is included on an AWS account which includes 5000$ preloaded credits that is used to pay for the server costs.

For Marketer, Reseller and Developer version you need to purchase a separate new Linux based server instance with Ubuntu latest version installed.

We recommend you purchase it from where for Marketer with 5000 channels, you can get new droplet for 20$/month, For Reseller with 10000 channels, 40$/month plan is enough, For Developer with 20000 channels, 60$/month plan is sufficient.

Apart from the server monthly cost on Marketer, Reseller & Developer. There is no extra charges to run the setup.

Also, if you want to increase your sending capacity. You can always add more channels into the system by purchasing them separately in 1000 channels batch.

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