What do I get with my license purchase? What’s included with my purchase?

WhatsApp Business API if utilised properly can provide you with multiple folds on income & profits every month! Allowing itself to pay for the investment and help you quadruple your market reach which allows you to liberate, earn more income and generate massive profits. Our pricing is designed according to individual needs. So, incase you […]

Can I integrate your tool with my other SaaS product? If so, how?

Of course you can integrate our tool with any kind of SaaS products & services. In fact, using Zapier.com , Pabbly Connect, LeadBridge, Integromat, Automate.io, integrately.com and so many other similar SaaS integration platforms. You can connect our tool with any tool even more easily by using Webhooks URL & PUSH and PULL requests features.

Do you use proxies to rotate WhatsApp channels?

Yes, our system uses private source for generating dedicated IP proxies exclusively accessible only to our clients. We generate these proxies using AWS Developer accounts which costs us nothing to create and we get pre-loaded 5000$ credits to create these dedicated & exclusive IP proxies without any additional cost. Since, we have automated this entire […]

Is your system white labeled? Can I change the name, branding & logo?

Yes, all the versions are completely white labeled, self hosted on your own server, and can be masked on any sub domain or domain name of your choice. You can change the logo, name, and custom branding in the admin settings of the panel. Also, you can have a generic name and give each sub […]