How stable is your script and what about account bans?

We have been working since 2015 and all this time we have prioritised stability and safety. On our part, we guarantee: – a unique batch of IPs for each set of WhatsApp Channels provided with your purchase (We may need to add extra proxy IPs incase you increase the channels in the system);– a safe […]

How Does WhatsApp Business API Works?

Thanks for reaching out to us to try the demo for WhatsApp Business API I wanted to let you know. That our tool is only available as an end to end solution with script + channels installed on your own server. We don’t provide WhatsApp marketing as a service. First of all before the start […]

What all message formats are supported?

WhatsApp Business API allows you to operate different WhatsApp marketing Campaigns, Group Sender Campaigns, and Keywords Campaigns using all messaging format available & permitted by WhatsApp. Our tool supports all kinds of message types officially allowed by WhatsApp. Including but not limited to: Text Images Audios Videos PDF Files GPS Locations APK Files (Android Installation […]

How many messages can I send in 1 hour?

Speed of the campaigns varies based on the amount of channels you have available in the panel. And also, the settings that you want to configure the channels to run the campaigns. Speed of text, image, video and PDF campaigns vary due to file size while running campaigns also. Since, large files take time to […]

How many messages can I send using this system?

WhatsApp Business API allows you to operate unlimited WhatsApp marketing campaigns using WhatsApp channels. The only limitation for running WhatsApp campaigns is the amount of channels you have uploaded, stored & activated in the system. The more number of channels the system includes, the more messages you can send on a daily basis. There is […]

What is WhatsApp Channel? How do I use these WhatsApp Channels?

Just like you can’t drive a Ferrari without the gasoline. You can’t run WhatsApp Business API without WhatsApp Channels. WhatsApp Channels is the lifeblood of WhatsApp Business API. Now, you must be wondering. You have heard about WhatsApp Channels before. But, what are WhatsApp Channels? WhatsApp Channels are pre-activated WhatsApp Numbers that are stored in […]

What is WhatsApp Marketing Script?

WhatsApp Business API is a self hosted solution, hosted on your own web server, by installing the script which is the main source code installed on the server. This script sends text, image, video, PDF Files messages to WhatsApp registered users automatically using Bulk WhatsApp channels. Our system is based on the most advanced artificial […]

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API is an advanced data intelligence & marketing automation system that allows you to run profitable marketing campaigns plus all kinds of other automation process on WhatApp. This tool is completely self hosted on your own web server, and requires Linux based Ubuntu Server setup to be installed & operated online. WhatsApp Business […]