How many types of Group Sender Campaigns can I operate?

You can operate different types of Group Sender Campaigns using WhatsApp Business API. Namely, — Broadcast Group Sender CampaignYou can run these campaign for a one time Group Sender campaign. — Personalised Group Sender CampaignYou can use custom variables by uploading a CSV file with different fields and using these column fields to personalize the […]

Do you have WhatsApp Group Finder feature? Can’t I find active WhatsApp Groups and then make my WhatsApp channels join these open groups and then send messages in these groups?

No, we don’t have the WhatsApp Group Finder feature. And rest assured, want to clear that we won’t be adding this feature anytime in the future as per our research, testing, and experiments done so far. It’s not that we can’t add this feature. But, we intentionally didn’t release this feature for the following reasons: […]

Which is better, WhatsApp Campaign or Group Sender Campaigns?

There is no straight answer for this kind of a question 🙂WhatsApp Campaigns allows you to send one-to-one messages to your target WhatsApp list. Group Sender Campaigns allows you to form WhatsApp Groups, Add new members, and then run messaging campaigns in these WhatsApp Groups. We prefer that when you are running any marketing campaigns, […]

What’s the difference between a regular WhatsApp Campaign and a Group Sender Campaign?

Regular Broadcast, Scheduled, Personalised & Funnels campaigns on WhatsApp are designed to send messages one by one to each unique WhatsApp number. It’s one channel sending to one target WhatsApp number at a time. Where as with Group Sender Campaigns, the system forms multiple WhatsApp Groups, adds your target WhatsApp users into these WhatsApp Groups, […]

Will my channels be blocked if I run several WhatsApp Groups at once?

Our system, while running WhatsApp Group Campaigns, makes sure that each WhatsApp Channel stored into the system doesn’t exceed its daily limit. It also ensures that it distributed the campaign tasks between all available channels in the system so that not a single WhatsApp channel is overloaded with multiple WhatsApp Group creation tasks. In case […]

How many Group members can I add using this tool?

When you run Group Sender Campaign, the system automatically creates 100s of WhatsApp groups using 1000s of WhatsApp channels stored in the script to run automation. Before running the campaign, you can select the number of members you want to be added to each WhatsApp Group. Usually, 2-5 members are added to a single WhatsApp […]

Can I purchase credits to run Group Sender Campaign?

Firstly, we only provide end to end solution with script & channels installed on your own server. Secondly, we don’t ever provide WhatsApp Marketing service to our clients since it brings direct competitors to all our clients who previously purchased our system. Thirdly, with minimum 300+ free demo requests and very lean team to manage […]