Can I resell your script to other clients?

All our solutions are by default 100{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} white labeled, and come with branding customization with your own company name, logo, sub-domain/domain, and no trace of whose using our script including Marketer, Reseller, Developer & Enterprise edition. If you want to resell the entire script + channels setup as an end-to-end solution. You are required to […]

Can I move channels from one server to another server?

Yes, you can move channels from one server to another server. But, you can’t do it yourself since there are couple of things to make sure before migration. Our team will support you with no extra charge twice in a year. You can reach our support team for free migration of server.

What happens when I want to shift the server to a new one?

You can shift your server to a higher configuration anytime and your migration to a new server is free of cost handled by our team twice a year. Our team supports you with migration end to end. You simply need to provide us with root access for your former & new server by reaching our […]

Can I install WhatsApp Business API on a Windows Based Server?

Sorry, but our application is written for Linux environment only. So, you will need a Linux VPS or shared hosting environment to run WhatsApp Business API. We do not support Windows yet. And nor do we think its best to think about the possibility of that in the near future.

I am not a technical person. I don’t know how to setup server. Can you help?

You don’t need to know any programming language in order to use our script. By default, installation is completely free with every license that you purchase from us. And we even provide free migration to another server 3 times in a year for all our clients. Our team provides excellent support in terms of installation, […]

Can I integrate this script with my own CRM/SaaS tools/ERP Solutions?

Yes, our tool can be integrated with any other tool which uses and supports API. We have an extensive list of admin & user control which can be managed using Webhook URLs to send PUSH & PULL Request supported with multiple programming language. In order to get WhatsApp Business API integration feature you need to […]

Do you get access to the source code?

Yes, we do provide open source code. Source code for customisation is available with Developer & Enterprise edition ONLY. Once purchased, you have access to the product full source code written in PHP and other pre-requisite languages with proper documentation and comments in code provided for other developer to fully customize & modify the script […]

Do you provide customization service?

Custom developement & integration is supported in Developer & Enterprise edition only.But, by default all our version are 100{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} white label solution & you can customise the branding & logo with minimal changes in the script by default. Hence, it’s a very easy & intuitive tool with major admin feature already included with all our […]

Do you provide the setup & installation service?

Yes, of course. You don’t need to worry about any technical details to install the system on your server. Every license comes with free installation the first time, and in case of server migration. We provide support up to two times with free server migration in a year. Our team will install the setup, configure […]

How much time does it take for the installation & delivery of channels?

OUR PANEL & CHANNELS DELIVERY PROCESS IS AS FOLLOWS: STEP 1.REACH US FOR PAYMENT INFORMATIONYou can pay us via Bitcoin/USDT/USDC/ETH by using your Credit Card, Debit Card (Domestic Clients only)/Online Banking to purchase any of the cryptocurrency exchange available in your country. STEP 2.PAYMENT CONFIRMATIONSend us with your payment receipt for payment confirmation on either […]

Do you provide the server? Or I have to purchase my own server? Where do I purchase the server from? What’s the best configuration for the server? Can you recommend?

If you are purchasing Marketer/Reseller/Developer edition. Then, you need to purchase a subscription of your own server. You can purchase the server from by creating a new droplet instance on Ubuntu Latest(18+) version installed on a Linux based setup. For Marketer edition, 20$/month plan is recommended with maximum RAM in available plan with Digital […]

Can I host this on my regular shared hosting account? What are the the server requirement?

No, you cannot run this script on a simple shared hosting account since mostly 99{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} of the shared hosting providers restrict you with advanced functionalities & server root access required to operate our script. You need to setup a dedicated instance on a fresh server with nothing else operating on that raw installation. Our system […]

Will the software be running on my web server?

Yes, you can operate our script on your own web server. License is valid for one installation per server. You can mask the installation on unlimited domains and sub domain names by changing your DNS Settings and pointing any domain/sub-domain name using CNAME settings. Our panel is completely white-labeled and you can also customize majority […]