Can I segment database of all incoming replies based on keyword response?

Yes, you can segment all the incoming replies using our WhatsApp Business API Integration feature. Once, you purchase the license. You will receive complete PDF Guide & Tutorial Videos explaining how to segment, and operate auto response features and many more other additional functionality.

Can I setup WhatsApp Funnels sequence using Keywords?

Yes, its best to send a sequence of pre-defined messages that are setup in WhatsApp funnels to run a new campaign on your segmented database. Using Keywords + WhatsApp Funnels, you can run particular campaign sequence only to clients who engage with your one time campaigns. This allows you to interact with your list in […]

Can I setup keywords for individual channels, seperately?

No, you can only setup keywords for a group of channels in one go by selecting WhatsApp Channels group name using the API. By default, keywords set by any user is reserved on first come first serve basis by the system. If any keyword is already used by another user. Then, the system automatically identifies […]

How many keywords can I setup in WhatsApp Business API?

There is no limitation in terms of how many keywords you can setup for auto reply for all your channels. Once, you setup a keyword in an autoresponder by either using an individual message or personalized message or WhatsApp Funnels response. The system will auto reply with the intended response based on the incoming messages […]