Can I pay via PayPal?

No, we don’t accept PayPal. If you want to use debit/credit card, or online banking to transfer funds. You can use several exchanges for cryptocurrency in order to purchase. PayPal has a very easy refund policy and buyer protection any client can abuse it. It provides upto 180 days charge back in some countries. And […]

Do you provide WhatsApp marketing services also?

No, we do not provide any kind of WhatsApp Marketing services officially since we are technology focused company who are targeting it’s client base who are looking for an end to end solution provider. Our key focus always stays around technology & development. It’s more scalable for us as a company since we are able […]

I am unable to run WhatsApp campaigns after uploading my contact list in my demo account. Why can’t I run WhatsApp Campaigns & Group Sender Campaigns in my demo account?

Firstly, we only provide end to end solution with script & channels installed on your own server. Secondly, we don’t ever provide WhatsApp Marketing service to our clients since it brings direct competitors to all our clients who previously purchased our system. Thirdly, with minimum 300+ free demo requests and very lean team to manage […]

Do you also provide proxies with the setup or I need to purchase proxies separately?

Yes, proxies are included free of cost with all versions. You don’t need to pay anything extra for receiving dedicated proxies from us. We have our private sourcing method to generate dedicated proxies using AWS IP addresses using cost effective student developer accounts on Amazon Web Services. Hence, it’s a negligible cost for us to […]

Can I upgrade from lower to higher version later?

Yes, you can always upgrade from a lower version to higher version by paying the difference in the retail price. Just remember, if you had taken advantage of any discount in a lower version during our special offers & promotion offer. You have to pay full amount at the time of upgrade and discounts won’t […]

Is it a one time cost? Are there any hidden charges?

Each license you purchase from us comes with free lifetime updates and free future upgrades and any additional functionality added into the system. Channels are included within the same package and comes with 60 days free replacement in case any channels get blocked. With Enterprise version dedicated server setup is included on an AWS account […]