Whats the difference between WhatsApp Business API vs WhatsApp Business API?

Here’s the simple comparison between WhatsApp Business API & WhatsApp Business API: Benefits of using WhatsApp Business API: You can connect any number of WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business Channels You can connect your channels immediately after you registered it, but it’s important to follow our recommendations. And use the same exact admin settings to keep […]

How is your solution different from official WhatsApp Business API?

The answer to this question is not as obvious as it may seem. The first thing you should ask yourself is: what do you need the API for? After all, both options have their upsides and downsides. The first seemingly obvious upside of WhatsApp API is its “officialness” and safety. However, because of some substantial […]

What’s the story behind WhatsApp Business API?

Initially, WhatsApp, unlike, say, Telegram, kept their API closed, which was why developers could not offer programming solutions for WhatsApp — there were neither integrations with CRM or ERP systems nor popular chatbots. In those misty times, programmers created or looked for unofficial gateways that provided access to WhatsApp API. Those solutions can still be […]

Will WhatsApp Business API be updated when there are updates from WhatsApp?

Yes, it will be updated. WhatsApp Business API has been working and supported since May 2015. Usually there are 3 – 4 major updates per year, affecting the work of the WhatsApp Business API. Within 1 working day, we adapt the API to the changes. Since, our team is always staying up-to-date with WhatsApp recent […]

Can I run WhatsApp Campaigns via WhatsApp Business API?

We encourage our customers to send WhatsApp messages using WhatsApp API and to make their bulk marketing messages more engaging & personalized using custom variables. This not only gives you the capability of running highly interactive campaigns. But, also allows you to take your WhatsApp marketing campaigns to the next level by setting up pre-defined […]