How to get more people to respond?

Add a question at the end of a message, which will increase the chances of getting a reply. For instance, you can write, “Do you want a demo?”, “Do you have any questions?”, “Do you want to join right away?” and more like this. Create a sense of urgency with phrases like, “Limited seats available”, […]

What should I add as my CTA?

Put only one WhatsApp number/Click To Chat Link or CTA link to avoid any sort of confusion among your customers.

How Do I setup my WhatsApp Chatbots?

In order to setup autoresponse messages for all your WhatsApp Channels. You can setup Keywords. By setting up Keywords, you are able to setup automatic response for all your WhatsApp channels in one go. All your WhatsApp Channels operate like a normal Chatbot in WhatsApp Business API. Using this feature you can have a two-way […]

Can I get a free demo from WhatsApp Business API for WhatsApp chatbot?

Absolutely! We can give you a DEMO FOR FREE. Signup here: Our WhatsApp chatbot experts will show you the features and explain multiple use cases specific to your business model. Reach us on Telegram for a quick 1-to-1 chat:

How can WhatsApp Chatbot get me more information on the request?

A user can ask any query to our virtual assistant integrated on your WhatsApp Business API to receive a quick and useful answer. Our conversational AI will save you and your customers from any hassle regarding the exchange of information for all WhatsApp Channels stored in the system.

Who will build the Chatbots for me?

We have a team of WhatsApp AI-powered chatbot experts, who will manage everything from building to deploying and maintaining a bot for you on WhatsApp when you purchase our Enterprise version.

What are the major features of WhatsApp Business API’s WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp Business API’s WhatsApp AI chatbot will let you answer customer queries with automated conversations. It will collect, qualify, and segment leads to help you prioritize all hot leads. Your human agents can take over a conversation instantaneously on the messaging platform to convert leads faster using our WhatsApp API. Other features include – Personalized […]

What is WhatsApp Chatbots?

A WhatsApp chatbot is a full-fledged automated virtual customer assistant that can answer customer queries and inform them about your product, services, procedures, and any other information. Hence, you can manage a large scale of customer queries simultaneously, 247365.