Can I filter WhatsApp numbers, by age & gender?

At this moment, there is no such functionality that exists on the planet to find the age & gender of a particular list of mobile numbers active on WhatsApp. We can only segment numbers based on the last seen activity, mobile operator series, or demography based numbers list. The second best option is to get […]

Do you also provide TrueCaller Filtered Database?

Yes, We only have the TrueCaller Filtered Database of India since the mobile app has high penetration & downloads in India. We have around 400 million user databases accessible on TrueCaller delivered in CSV file format segmented state-wise in multiple folders. The database size is approximately 9GB. And it is available for a one-time subscription […]

How many numbers can I filter in an hour?

Our software filters 2,000 to 1,000 numbers in 2-3 seconds. You can literally filter millions of numbers in a day since the system automatically changes different channels while filtering the numbers. In short, filteration speed is super fast.

How many numbers can I filter using this tool?

You can filter unlimited WhatsApp numbers using WhatsApp Business API. The tool speed for filtration is 2-3 seconds for every 1000 numbers uploaded into the list. Channels are automatically rotated not to burden single channels with all the filteration load. The tool is super fast, and hence, you can filter millions of WhatsApp numbers in […]