What guarantee do I have that your software will continue working? What happens when WhatsApp brings new updates? Will your tool still continue working?

We only guarantee that you will get free replacement for any channels blocked within 60 days from date of purchase within next 24 hours of your blocked channels submission.

We have continued supporting our tool and have been working on it since 2011 when our project started as an open source project by the name WhatsAPI (Ref: venomous0x/WhatsAPI).

Since, then we have kept evolving our tool and have been always adding more functionalities & features for all our clients. We guarantee you this thing that we will keep updating the tool as always and as a client you will get lifetime updates. Nor do we want nor our clients for this tool to not continue working. But, there are days when major WhatsApp updates are released when our development team might take 24-72 hours for bringing this update promptly.

We have always been testing WhatsApp BETA & WhatsApp Business BETA versions. So, we understand any new changes that might be coming along in the final release and we update our tool according to these upcoming changes.

Rest assured you have world’s one of the best WhatsApp marketers with a competent team of developers who are always looking for feedback & suggestions from our clients for further improvement & development.

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