What is WhatsApp Channel? How do I use these WhatsApp Channels?

Just like you can’t drive a Ferrari without the gasoline. You can’t run WhatsApp Business API without WhatsApp Channels.

WhatsApp Channels is the lifeblood of WhatsApp Business API.

Now, you must be wondering. You have heard about WhatsApp Channels before.

But, what are WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels are pre-activated WhatsApp Numbers that are stored in our system which work as real WhatsApp users in the system.

Instead of relying on WhatsApp tools which only limit you to the numbers you have available in your mobile activated WhatsApp numbers.

We use advanced technology to generate WhatsApp Hash Passwords from WhatsApp Server, which allows us to be able to login into different WhatsApp Numbers using WhatsApp Number as login, Hash Passwords, and other details which helps us create an emulated environment on our server to keep these WhatsApp channels active & online 24 x 7 on web server.

Simply imagine being able to store actual registered WhatsApp numbers, 1000s of them on web server instead of on your iPhone/Android phone, or Emulators like Nox, etc.

Since, our system usage WhatsApp Hash Channels, these channels can be used & operated on the web server.

And imitate normal user behaviour on demand.

Our WhatsApp channels stay connected to the internet 356 days, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

And forms natural user behaviour patterns once activated into our peer to peer channel distribution network, which creates an environment for each WhatsApp channel to imitate, and behave like a regular WhatsApp users.

Our system makes each individual channel do several tasks from time to time such as:

  • Create WhatsApp Channels on demand using Manual & Automatic WhatsApp Channel Registration Tool
  • Active WhatsApp Channels in Peer-2-Peer Channel Distribution Network (P2P-CDN)
  • Use Conversational AI Using OpenAI’s GPT-3 system to to send unique WhatsApp messages to peer channels, take them out of spam and categories & mark them as trusted, and respond. We do that by mimicking natural sending and response behavior.
  • Make channels come online, change profile picture, change status message & profile name
  • Send, receive and reply using Conversational AI generated messages with other WhatsApp channels stored in P2P Channel Distribution Network (CDN) system including incoming & outgoing messages at the time of campaigns.
  • Filter WhatsApp numbers from provided list of contacts to find active & inactive WhatsApp numbers
  • Create WhatsApp Groups & add members, post messages in groups, delete members, and delete admin (itself) from group after campaign completion
  • Operate as WhatsApp Chatbots with the help of pre-defined commands using WhatsApp API
  • Give auto-reply based on set of specific keywords defined by the administrator & user
  • Running WhatsApp & Group Sender Campaigns on demand when assigned by the user.
  • Run Automated Messages Using Keywords Triggers & Automated Funnel Sequences
  • Build Targeted Audience by Storing Incoming Response & Segment Contacts for future campaigns
  • Many more other operations behind the scene which helps increase the longevity and life span for all channels

With all these activities are managed and handled by the system automatically using our artificially intelligence (OpenAI’s GPT-3 System) & machine learning pattern recognition technology.

Our channels are able to bypass WhatsApp spam algorithm which filters & identifies automated tools activities such as major desktop tools, and automation software which usually get the numbers blocked after first time usage in most cases.

Our channels keep extending its lifetime by performing all these regular user based activities which in WhatsApp’s eyes is counted as very normal.

And since, our channels keep communicating with other peer channels by virtually creating a friend list of other WhatsApp channels.

And keep sending, receiving and replying messages with other peer channels on a daily basis.

It keeps the ratio very well maintained in terms of how many messages are sent & received by known contacts & how many messages are sent & received by unknown contacts in a channel’s contact list.

Hence, after 2-3 weeks of warm up of each channel and being able to perform all these tasks all on autopilot.

The channels are automatically white-listed as safe from WhatsApp and are hence able to continue operating even when we run WhatsApp campaigns, and Group Sender campaigns which come under marketing activity.

Our channels unlike other marketing tools available online. Doesn’t sends 100s of 1000s of messages using the same channel all at once. But, only sends 20 messages per channel per day on an unknown list of target contacts uploaded in your campaigns.

With the mix of rest of the daily activities, plus an outreach campaign of 20 messages per day per channel.

The channels stay within the safe limits and continue operating over the long term for running daily marketing campaigns versus getting your WhatsApp number blocked & banned the first time, and requiring you to re-purchase new WhatsApp channels again & again.

Our tool is the only one of its kind marketing automation tool for WhatsApp which is able to automate these kinds of processes all in once using a self hosted server which requires the least amount of resources.

This not only helps reducing your costs of operating WhatsApp marketing costs drastically. But, also increases the usability into a 360° all in one sales & marketing platform for all kinds of WhatsApp marketing activity.

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