What’s the difference between Marketer, Reseller, Developer & Enterprise Edition?

Marketer edition is designed for marketers who want to run their own WhatsApp marketing campaigns on a regular & daily basis without having to pay a heavy & high price to limited genuine WhatsApp marketing service providers, companies and agencies. It’s only a one way messaging tool and doesn’t includes credit distribution system to sell credits further.

Reseller edition allows you to manage campaigns for your clients by giving them purchased credits. You can decide your own price to resell WhatsApp marketing services to your clients and provide them with consistent, fast, and self-managed campaigns on their behalf.

You can create user accounts or reseller accounts who can then further start reselling WhatsApp marketing packages at more markups.

Reseller edition has all major features which allow you to not only manage the campaigns with a streamlined, well-managed and feature rich web-based WhatsApp marketing panel. But, giving you robust control over your client’s campaigns with approval and auto-approval queueing system for running daily campaigns.

Developer version allows you to not only run marketing campaigns, resell WhatsApp credits, but also gives you unlimited rights to resell our main source code & customize the script with your own take, using open source code which comes with licensing system.

If you are someone is a developer and want to integrate our Whatsapp marketing power with all their user base. They can use our open source code and also install the script on any number of server with resell rights.

Start reselling our WhatsApp marketing panel to other clients by having licensing system, and access to our script code with no encryption and full access to main source code for a one time price.

Plus you also get custom development support by having direct access into our Telegram community with our entire team of developers and other marketers like yours who are further enhancing the usability of our tool & help you integrate our tool further.

Enterprise edition is designed for highly scalable, large volume and enterprise level solution who want full customization, immediate accessibility, remote troubleshooting capabilities, installation assistance, and basic usability assistance directly from our team with their in house development team. Custom development support with enterprise edition comes with no additional cost.

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