Whats the difference between WhatsApp Business API & other Desktop WhatsApp Marketing Tools?

WhatsApp Business API is a self hosted web based WhatsApp marketing script. And uses far more advanced technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technology then any other tools compared with.

Our system uses WhatsApp Hash Channels which doesn’t requires access to your mobile in order to run the campaigns. Our system uses our own 3rd party WhatsAPI which allows you to scale your campaigns using 1000s of WhatsApp channels in one go.

Most of the desktop tool today use WhatsApp Web to emulate similar behaviour. Making it difficult to run high volume campaigns and also allows you to stay dependant on limited number of WhatsApp numbers that needs to be always online on your mobile phone to operate your campaigns.

And because we have completely automated the behaviour of all WhatsApp channels to act, behave, and emulate a normal user behaviour for all channels. You are able to surpass the normal limits that WhatsApp have because of a complete normal behaviour imitated by our tool by using our P2P channel distribution system.

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