Why is your tool so expensive? There are desktop tools available at cheap price. Why should I buy from you?

90{44c963157f2775d46b6795dad28d6c39ab682ef6cff0a2dba2b1454759ccaf6a} of the desktop tools available between the range of 9$ to 300$ range will give you mediocre results.

The tools at large will be able to automate either sending messages using web.WhatsApp.com or they will be able to give you messaging capability to send one time campaigns using channels one time.

Our tool is far advanced then most other these kinds of cheap desktop tools and operate very differently.

You can’t scale 1000s of channels in one go. And also you don’t have the capacity to scale your campaigns to 40,000 to 4,00,000 messages in one day using these desktop tools daily.

The technology used to designed these tools is far outdated and is already deducted by WhatsApp algorithm which blocks your channels majority of the time using these desktop tools.

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