Will my WhatsApp channels, i.e., numbers, be blocked?

WhatsApp Business API utilizes the power of artificial intelligence & data intelligence technology to give you an entirely automated WhatsApp marketing platform.

Using our advanced P2P WhatsApp channel automation technology that imitates a normal user behavior, you can pass WhatsApp blocking & spam detection filters and continue sending your marketing campaigns on a larger scale without getting blocked for a very long time.

We have implemented many methods to lower the probability of being blocked. Our system automatically identifies any new changes brought by WhatsApp & notifies all our clients in the admin panel of any new updates automatically. Our system prompts you to update your script and use the latest version at the time of updates release.

To keep channels long-lasting, you should limit the no. of messages sent per day by 20 in the first week. And use the same settings as provided by us to benefit from the guarantee from our WhatsApp channels vendor for free replacement up to 60 days from the date of upload.

We cannot guarantee your channels getting blocked but only tell you the best settings to use this software. And also, provide a free replacement for channels sourced from our vendors.

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